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Hey, fellow human!

Stop obsessing about details- what to wear, where to eat, this corporation has powerful headquarters, I want to work for them. You are not here for that. You are here because of the HUMANITY and it´s FUTURE. YOU ARE INTUITIVE and PSYCHIC, have always been- and You are here because of POWER. Yes, even You Brutus, though You might think it´s the ancient history for You. But You are no longer HERE because of Yourself. You´re in because of the HUMANITY. You see already that POWER is feminine and it comes from a heart- while others don´t cause their eyes are wide shut. And you know there´s no real AUTHORITY without the power. Glass towers everywhere do not make this world TRANSPARENT. Only You can DO THAT, but for that You need to leave Your comfort zone. And start FEELING before THINKING. TRULY, not from the base of your BELIEF-SYSTEM.
Your´s truly,

Real Matrix

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